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Private Power (Pty) Ltd is one of the few generator companies that have survived the deadly rollercoaster ride of 2008 where generator demand in South Africa skyrocketed and then disappeared. We survived by being the best and making sales in a market that has been totally saturated. It was not only our focus on the traditional markets including construction, mining, essential services and exporting to the ‘real’ Africa that helped us through. Our customers choose us because we support our products. Spare parts availability and a technical after sales service team are something that every potential customer should demand. They need to know that not only can they get their unit serviced, repaired or replaced during their warranty period, but that for years thereafter, they will be able to call on their seller to provide reliable, efficient and capable service technicians, with intimate knowledge of their product.

In addition, Private Power (Pty) Ltd has made every effort to remain a true distributor, operating on small margins, thereby giving our products a huge price advantage in the marketplace, which has helped us maintain sales.

The sudden improvement in Eskom’s ability to provide enough power for the South African Market during 2008 was in a small way as a result of their price increases and renewed attention to management of their production and especially stockpiling of coal. Let us not congratulate Eskom too much though. The main saving grace for Eskom was in fact the Global recession, which they had nothing to do with. The unprecedented reduction in demand for electricity during 2008 and 2009 is truly why we have all been spared the inconvenient load shedding which we tasted in early 2008. The unfortunate truth, however, is that as the economy slowly resuscitates, our demand for electricity is slowly returning to that of late 2007 and of course is set, once again, to exceed Eskom’s supply capacity.

Human nature dictates that we will be only hearing from most people when their lights are actually off. Please be warned that the service you receive on that day may not be what we are used to offering, and of course there may not be stock to deliver right away.

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